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gustare [gu-stà-re] /gusˈtaːre/ It, verb: (transitive) to taste, to enjoy

App Features

Find Food

Find great food in your area, as shared by others.

Share Your Fave Cafe

Share your favorite cafe, bar and restaurant in an area for others to find!

Share Your Fave Food

Share info on great food, dessert or drink you've had, for others to enjoy!

Social Share

Share what you found in the app in your social network accounts!


How To

Create a Cluster

A cluster is a group of food stores in an area -- to easily find great food in your vicinity, e.g. "Diagon Alley" in London. Login using your Google account and click on the Cluster icon. A cluster must be unique in an area.

Create a Store

Add your favorite food place in a cluster, e.g. "The Leaky Cauldron". Login using your Google account and click on the Place icon, in the Store listing view.

Add Your Fave Food

Add your favorite food -- including its price, classification, and description. Login using your Google account and click on the Dish icon in the Dish listing view.


What are the permissions required for this app?

The app will use your location when requesting nearby clusters, your Google account when you login, and food/store pictures when you share your favorite store or dish.

How do I log in?

On the top bar, click on the log-in icon. You will be prompted to log in using your Google account.

What are the constraints in creating a cluster?

Make sure that the cluster is unique in an area, within a certain radius. Note that the cluster's coordinates are based on the creator's current location, so cluster creation is appropriately done in a public location. This is a new app, so it's likely you'd be the first to create a cluster in your area -- go first!

What is a flag and how is it used?

The flag icon at the bottom of the store or dish allows you to report inappropriate data shared in the app. Do NOT flag a store or a dish because of issues with ambiance, or taste.

I am the actual owner of a store, and I would like to manage the store data myself. How do I do that?

You may send a message to the current owner of the store data, just click on the message icon at the bottom of the store page. You may state the claim, and wait for the current data owner to transfer the ownership to you.

If I transfer ownership of a store I originally shared, what happens?

Modification rights would belong to the store's new owner, but you will always be acknowledged as the original sharer. Share first!